Everyone likes confectionary, but its use as a promotional tool has only recently started to blossom.

Personalised Candy

Confectionary is a marvellous giveaway and the perfect promotional commodity - after all, who could turn down a lollypop with your business name on it? From mints to jelly beans to M&M's, Watchout Concepts offers confectionary in an array of packages, with numerous customisable options.

Your next event is certain to delight when you break out the customised lollypops!

  • Cotton & calico bags
  • Coin banks
  • Funky Thingz
  • Health & beauty
  • Plush toys
  • Stress toys - Promotional stress balls and stress shapes - are a very cost effective and fun marketing item.

Promotional Novelties

Other more colourful promotional tools such as vases, piggy banks, yo-yos and badges make brilliant giveaways and are easy to customise. Add some flavour and a bit of humour to your promotional practices with the innovative merchandise Watchout Concepts has to offer.

More Novelties

Workplace stress if unfortunately a reality for most people. A fun way to avoid workplace stress is with a stress ball. Watchout Concepts has a gamut of customisable stress balls certain to incorporate fun and a little light relief in the office.

LL062s Egg Shape Sugar Free Mint CardLL1065s Assorted Colour Mini Jelly beans in 500ml drumLL3155CHs Chocko Jelly Beans in Clear Mini Noodle BoxLL334s Assorted Colour Mini Jelly Beans in Silver Rectangular Tins
LL339s Dynamints in 12cm Stainless Steel CanisterLL451s Retractable Name Badge Holder with Metal ClipLL4871s Assorted Colour Mini Jelly Beans in DispenserLL4891s Mini Mars Bars in Stainless Steel Coffee Cups
LL554s Traffic Light LollipopsLL5761s Snowflake The BearLL645s Australian Football Stress Reliever
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