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Keep your paper, pens, loose papers and devices altogether thanks to our wide range of compendiums and tablet folios

A compendium is the perfect office accessory to have on hand for your employees. As appreciation gifts or even just use them for everyday giveaways, promotional compendiums are a business solution which offer strong branding and a suite of features which make them a useful accessory for anyone in the world of business administration. Not only does a compendium make a great gift item they are amongst the most practical office accessories, keeping documents, ID and stationery requirements together. At a conference or any sales event a promotional compendium complete with the documents and accessories which are part of attendee requirements are neatly supplied inside this ready-made organiser.

From premium leather compendiums which make much admired personal gifts through to cheaper styles used at conventions and events there are promotional compendium designs for every possible end use at a range of price points which offer a deal of budget flexibility. Combining a large branding area with a host of useful functionalities there's few better buys