Corporate merchandising has been proven time and again, to be an incredibly effective marketing tool, as well as a marvellous way to display a sense of uniformity and product pride amongst clients and employees. The aim of corporate merchandising can be roughly divided into two categories: merchandise intended for internal employee use ; and merchandise aimed externally for clients and prospective clients as gifts or to establish a loyalty program for example.

Internal corporate merchandising promotes synergy and uniformity in the workplace. Branded clocks, mouse pads and other office items help employees to display a sense of pride in their workplace and will encourage team spirit and unity. External corporate merchandising reaches out to potential clients, or will reward those who are loyal to your business. By giving your clients items of practical value that are aesthetically pleasing, you are fostering a relationship and encouraging continued business. Gift giving is common in the corporate world, so why not give a gift that represents your company? Corporate gift giving is an effective method of self-promotion as well as a testament to your good will and professional standing.

The value of corporate merchandising is indisputable and Watchout Concepts has everything you need to kick off your merchandising strategy today.