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First Aid Kits are a useful and practical promotional tool. Watchout Concepts can customise your first aid kits with your company name and/or corporate logo.


First aid kits are an essential item in every workplace, why not customise yours? By branding first aid kits with your corporate logo or health and safety message, you're setting a strong example in the workplace.

Watchout Concepts offer range of designs and packages suitable for any budget. Our fabric kits are an outstanding budget option. With your corporate logo emblazoned on the package, fabric kits look professional and are incredibly resilient. At the higher end of our package range, are kits that come in plastic or stainless steel for wall mounting. Watchout Concepts can also offer many first aid supplies developed through a third party, then branded by use, for that little extra customisation.


First aid kits are more than just a promotional tool they are a valuable requirement of the modern workplace. By promoting health and safety and providing recipients with a highly useful and essential piece of equipment, you are promoting the merits of a safe working environment and a dedication to caring for staff.